Our Strategy

Why Billboards?

Increase Your Reach

A Medium that Works

Captive Audience

Billboard advertising’s large physical characteristics create greater visual impact on your audience.

High Visibility

Because of its continuous presence, billboard advertising is capable of producing frequency levels unmatched by any other medium. 


No other advertising medium reaches as many people as often. Billboard advertising is the lowest cost per thousand of any media.

Viewer Diversity

Billboard advertising is the most universal of all advertising media.   Billboards can reach virtually anyone who goes out of the house to work, shop or play, but billboard advertising can also be focused on a specific geographic and demographic target.

Effective 24/7

Billboard advertising delivers your message over and over, seven days a week, month after month.  With 24 hours a day of repeated exposure, people will remember your name when they are ready to buy.

Brand Recognition

Building image, brand awareness, directional support, seasonal promotions, media mix anchor or support, demographic targeting, competitor targeting, market awareness, and public service can all be achieved through a great billboard campaign.